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What does it take to buy property in Florida?

As I speak here, buying property in Orlando or Miami is an excellent deal for those looking for a profitable investment in the US or abroad. Both Florida cities are increasingly valued on account of the various tourist attractions of the region, so the investment becomes quite safe.

Investor interest in buying homes in Florida is already more than noticeable. “The significant increase in home sales by Talent realty this year shows increasingly growth openings for this type of business. The point is that many people still have no idea how to proceed with the purchase of property abroad and is afraid to do so, “says the executive director Ricardo Molina.

” In addition to the advices; Talent Realty give our customers some recommendations that can strengthen and simplify the possibility of investing in a house in Florida,” concluded Molina.

According to the broker, first it is important to seek a Realtor in Orlando with experience in both markets international and national, especially regarding the legal and financial part.

Generally, according to Molina, banks require valid passport and visa, proof of residence and income, such as bank accounts, investments, earnings, business data, etc. “It is not mandatory, but it is interesting to have a bank account in a US bank. As an investor is even simpler to open, “he says.

“They are usually 30% minimum down payment from the property value and a term of 30 years to pay off the remaining debt with fixed interest rate which now account for 5.5%,” he explains.