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Why should I invest in real estate in the Florida?

Possibility of financing with low interest rates, increased tourist flow every year, stability and confidence in the American economy.

Is it complicated for foreigners to buy a house in Orlando?

No, it is actually very simple. Foreign nationals will need an ID (passport) and a valid US visa (if not a visa waiver)

Do I need a bank account in Florida?

This helps! Wire transfers between accounts of the same ownership dispense translations and other bureaucracies, especially in Brazil. In this case, Brazilian banks will simply ask for the proof of origin of the money (to avoid money laundering linked to terrorism and drug trafficking). Our real estate agents can introduce you to a branch manager of a reputable Florida bank, if necessary, to discuss fees and account services.

Can Foreign National Citizens buy real estate in Orlando?

Yes, you can! The United States generally treats the sales of real estate to foreigners almost the same as sales to US citizens. There may be a difference related to down payment amounts, however. Most banks will finance no more than 75% of the property to a foreign buyer.

Should I purchase it in cash or should I finance?

There are advantages and disadvantage to both options.

- Low interest rates (5% to 6% Annual Interest Rate).
- Facility to credit approval.
- Financial leverage.

- Additional Closing Costs.
- The financed amount should be at least US$100,000.
- The bank must review and approve the purchase.
- The buyer need to be present at closing.
- The closing within 45-60 days.

-The closing within 15-30 days.
- Greater bargaining power into opportunities.
- No additional costs (taxes and bank fees) in the property records.
- It allows purchasing on behalf of investment firm avoiding inheritance tax.
- The purchase can be made outside the country.

- The need of resources available.

What documentation is needed to finance a property in Orlando?

- Letter from employer proving 2 years bond.
- 1 Reference Letter from your bank.
- 1 Reference Letter from Creditor.
- 2 Years of Income Tax Return (or accountant’s statement).
- 2 pay stubs or accountant’s statement.
- Bank Statements for the last two months.

Should the documents be only in English?

Yes, the documents must be translated. Some banks have staff that speak alternative languages and can help you with the preparation of documents. If necessary, you can hire a mortgage broker that can assist you with this process. Translated documents increase your chances of approval and accelerate the home buying process.

Can my realtor in Florida help me with the mortgage approval?

Not necessarily. In the United States, each professional has their own certification. Realtors generally cannot work as a mortgage broker unless they have both certifications.

Can I finance a property in Orlando at any price?

New banks are emerging with different rules so there is flexibility; however, most minimum mortgage amounts are $100,000.00

what are the types of mortgages available in the united states

30 years fixed, 15 years, 5/1 arm fixed rate for the first 5 years.

What is the amortization system for real estate financing in Orlando?

The vast majority of the banks adopt the Constant Payment Loan (PRICE).

How can I simulate the financing of a property in Florida?

We recommend you to access and make your simulation.
Purchase Price
Mortgage Term = (years);
Interest Rate = (%);
Property Tax =(Approximately 1.6% of the property value);
Property Insurance =(0.3-0.5% of the property value);
PMI =(down payment not applicable for 20% or more);
ZIP Code = (Disney area 34747)
First Payment Date =(30 days after the title company) .

Can I pay off the financing of my house in Orlando at any time?

Most banks working with Foreign Buyers allows settlement of the debt at any time without penalty.